Frame Drum Circles

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Why circles?

Circle is an ancient form connecting us with another. Frame drum is also a circle form where there is no beginning or end. Where there is no superiority or inferiority. Playing frame-drum in circles has both in one. That is its alchemy with unique magnetic experience.

Why Frame Drum Circles?

Playing frame drums is a part of my healing journey. When i was a kid and suffering from epilepsy attacks, playing frame drum soothed me and healed my epilepsy completely at the age of 13.

While holding a rhythmical space; the conscious mind is occupied with securing that space while higher consciousness and subconscious mind can communicate directly. It is a true blessing. Maybe that is the reason frame-drum is so ancient. It is a shamanic vehicle for entering different realms. Circle is a sacred form that reminds us we are all ONE. Circle of frame drum and circle of us human coming together is true sacred experience for me.

I am hosting frame drum (bendir) and singing circles with invocation, meditation, voice discovery and songs from sufi or/and indigenous cultures.

I am also contributing other circles with my frame drum. I hope we meet in some of these circles one day.

Circle Contributions Archive

Here you may find media archive of circles that I’ve contributed…

22 May ’19 | Banafsheh | Dance of Oneness

Aslı, Seda, Nihan
Musical space for dance of oneness with Aslı , Seda and Nihan

Sufi whirling circle (Dance of Oneness) | Banafsheh is holding a sacred space for humans that want to grow into oneness by whirling. The gathering took place in Yalova/2019 . I held the frame drum and daf and sang with my fellow musician friends Seda Seyrek (kopuz,vocals) and Aslı Büyükköksal (violin, vocals)

21 June ’18 | Solstice Circle | Karakaya Retreat

This is a solstice circle that took place in solstice in Karakaya Retreat. We are greatful for Feride Gürsoy inviting us over. A powerful one with lots of drums, rattles and leaves… Mantras and songs from Astec, Sufi and Yogi worlds. This is only the sufi part of it.

Solstice with Katarina and Nihan Sufi Song Elhamdulillah