“For a week, I was honored to be part of Frame Drum and Sufi Singing circle with Ni Khan. I did not know what to expect, as I was ignorant of the details. All I knew was that we would be doing something different. Through this circle, we connected as human beings were meant to. I saw myself and I saw the others in circle become one. Our ritual was restorative, transformative and above all, healing. I found joy, compassion, forgiveness, love, acceptance and release through the journey this week. I remembered my own humanity in ways I had easily forgotten in my day to day life. Ni Khan will take no credit, but I do not agree. She is a radiant human being whom I had a difficult time not seeing as a higher being. She emanated love and light the entire time we were there. She helped create something sacred and beautiful for us musicians. I am forever grateful for the gift of that experience. I am already remembering our Frame Drum&Singing Sufi circle in my day to day life to remind me that we need to love each other on this planet. I could not convey all the beauty that this week holds, but I hope this testimonial offers at least a glimpse at all the good I expereinced. Thank you Ni.”

– Randall Picard

Frame-drum Circles – Ring of Fire at Lark Musical Camp California 26.07-03.08.2019

Nikhan led us into her drum circle with a gentle opening ritual of awareness and focus on conscious intention. Her bright spirit guided us step by step into the the drumbeats, accompanied at times by zikr-like chants from the Sufi tradition. My only wish was that we could have continued longer and gone deeper! But the limitations of class time did not allow it in this setting. I look forward to another opportunity to experience Nikhan’s gifts as a guide and musician. ­čĺ×”

– Barbara Framm

“Thank you for the sweet spot of Lark for me this year. So nourishing & unifying. And, thanks to the circle.”

Roxanne Caswell