Welcome to the new evolution of consciousness! If you feel that you are the change you want to see then you are in the right place.

What is Psych-K®?

Psych-K® is a journey that is guided by conscious mind with support of sub-conscious mind and super conscious one (higher self) .

The body stores the information about anything and operates accordingly including our traumas and informations that we don’t want to process accordingly anymore.

Sometimes we want to change but change would not come by saying it with our mouths. We sometimes need to convince the sub-conscious mind. Psych-K® offers easy, fun yet powerful and effective ways for unlock your true potential. For more information please visit :

My Psych-K® Journey

Psych-K ® is the most easy fast and effective spiritual process that I’ve ever experienced. 2016 my basic and advanced trainings has been a milestone for my life. I was functioning with a lot of doubts, frustrations and self sabotage habits. Psych-K® helped me to overcome those unconscious habits consciously with lightning speed. It opened and expand my self recognition and consciousness.  I am so grateful to Robert Williams for sharing his wisdom with the world.

2019 educations continued with Master Facilitation and Health&Wellbeing Workshops.

I feel the more I work on myself, heal my wounds; the more I can hold space for my partner and facilitate a change.

When you be the change you wanna see, it ignites the fire for collective evolution.

Please feel free to connect for an on-line session.

Listen how Psych-K ® works from Dr. Bruce Lipton

Keep your beliefs positive
your beliefs become your thoughts
your thoughts become your words
your words become your actions
your actions become your habits
your habits become your values
your values become your destiny.

Mahatma Gandhi

Origins of Psych-K ®

Robert M. Williams M.A. is the originator of Psych-K®. He is the author of the book, The Missing Peace in Your Life! . Rob is also co-host of the popular DVD The Biology of Perception the Psychology of Change with Coleague Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Psych-K® is a reflection of his personal commitment to help individuals meet with their divinity, discover their true potential and become the peace they seek.

Psych-K®| A guided tour by Rob